Lure Lists


The following 5 pictures are some of the favorites that seem to produce well on Shoal Lake most times of the year. These are our suggestions only. Also bring your favorites. And don’t forget to bring good leaders! Have fun shopping!

Picture 1 is plastic baits for bass. The top 2 photos are of flukes. They are fished weightless on a single hook twitched along and seem to be our most popular plastic bait. The next 2 photos are tube jigs. Fished on a weighted light jig works well. Whites and naturals colors like greens and browns etc seem best. At the bottom is the old twister tail. These are some that work well and there are countless other plastics available today that will work good too.

Picture 2 is a variety of bass style Crankbaits. A wide variety of colors and shapes as well as different depth lures work well. Silver and blue and natural colors again seem best.


Picture 3 are a few popular top water lures. They work better at certain times than others but you should have a couple in case they are hot. You cant beat a Topwater bite! They are mostly for bass but once in a while work for the pike also. The top bait is a walk the dog style bait. The next couple are Poppers or Chug baits. The last is a Buzzbait. Propbaits work well sometimes.


Picture 4 is some lure choices that work equally well for bass and pike making them a good choice. The top 2 lures are Rapala brand husky jerks. One is a shallow diver and one is a deep runner. They are both great baits. The blue and silver Rapala rattling rap is a personal favorite!! Spinner baits are also easy to fish and productive.


Picture 5 is a few examples of mainly large pike only baits. Usually the larger the better applies here. Favorites are the Rapala magnum shad rap. And longer minnow baits. Also spoons are hard to beat at times such as silvers, golds and Daredevil red. The 5 of diamonds is the favorite! In line spinners also produce. As mentioned above good leaders are a must!

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